Our Story

RushOwl Singapore is a smart bus initiative established in 2018 with the aim of providing reliable transport solutions. The idea behind RushOwl was to develop a digital public transportation for anyone, anywhere to create their own commuting plans without waiting for city governments to build one for them.

RushOwl aims to evolve into the world’s first digital transportation infrastructure for millions of employees to commute directly between home and work in a direct, flexible, and safe ride. Using their own dynamic proprietary AI algorithm, RushOwl created RushTrail to coordinate mass transportation solutions for everyone.


The world we are building

RushOwl helps frustrated commuters, corporates and governments facilitate and coordinate transportation in a fuss-free manner – all using the power of our proprietary AI-dynamic routing algorithm. We are building an ecosystem of transportation that ensures that all commuters can get to their destinations in a timely and direct manner.


The world we want to build

RushOwl aspires to create the world’s first digital transportation infrastructure to help transport millions of employees to work directly, safely and flexibly. With one-click, employees can order a shared ride from region-to-region, and even within regions for greater accessibility and direct access to their destinations




RushTrail is an on-demand bus-sharing mobile application designed to take you anytime and anywhere! Multiple users can book a ride to their desired destinations and an optimised route will be generated for an enhanced bus-pooling experience.

Who we serve


Working employees struggling with multiple transits and long commute between home and work. They are often in a rush and must be punctual.

Corporate HRs

HR departments challenged by their firms’ inaccessible locations when coordinating employee commutes like fixed bus routes and taxi claims.

City Developers

City developers working on transforming inaccessible regions into smart cities with lucrative work and living spaces.
City Governments and Transport Authorities

Officials tasked to allocated public funds to ensure an overall stable transport system within cities.