Our team

Shriram Krishnan

Head of Operations

Shriram Krishnan, the Head of Operations at RushOwl, is a true master of multitasking, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly within the organization. His diverse background and relentless pursuit of excellence make him an invaluable asset to the RushOwl team. Shriram’s curious nature drives him to explore new ideas and innovative approaches when faced with challenges. He thrives on thinking outside the box and considers a wide range of alternatives, seeking opportunities to learn and grow in roles that offer novelty and variety. Result-driven and detail-oriented, Shriram consistently delivers work of the highest standard within deadlines. His reliability, discipline, and adaptability in rapidly changing environments make him a resilient and progressive leader. Shriram Krishnan’s strengths, personality, and dedication make him an exceptional leader, constantly propelling RushOwl forward towards success.