For Commuters, Corporates and Cities.

Enabling Worry-Free Journeys

RushOwl have one goal in mind – to bring you from where you are, to where you need to go, quickly and safely.

What We Do

Buspool together with AI, share a ride with people in the same area

RushOwl’s AI Dynamic Routing Algorithm merges individual trips together to form an affordable, environmentally-friendly shared rides for all.

That’s why RushOwl is committed to optimizing your travel. Our advanced planning ensures smoother connections, shorter journeys, and fewer vehicles on the road.

No more wasting time and energy trying to navigate complicated routes or deal with crowded transportation. With RushOwl, you can relax, knowing you’re making a choice that’s not only convenient for you but also for the environment.

RushOwl Mobility Solution

Transportation And Accessibility Solutions For Everyone.

Our innovative approach caters to diverse needs, creating seamless travel experiences. From school routes to corporate connections, our personalized solutions ensure you reach your destination with unmatched ease. Curious to learn more? Dive in!

First-mile, Last-mile

Eliminate walking to your nearest bus stops! Direct pick-up and drop-off at your desired locations.


Bridging you to inaccessible areas within the region.

Staff Transportation

Send your employees to work and home punctually! Exclusive business services for your needs.

School Sharing

Pool a shared school-bound ride in the safest way possible.

RushTrail Mobile App

AI Powered Mobility Platform

RushOwl’s cutting-edge mobile app harnesses the power of AI to redefine your transportation experience. From seamless real-time bookings to dynamic route optimization, our platform is your gateway to effortless and intelligent commuting. Join us in shaping the future of mobility!

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Delve into our case studies that showcase the positive impact of our solutions on the environment and society.

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Enabling A New Form Of Work Commute For Our Future Generations

Whether you’re looking to optimize your employees’ commute or explore innovative transportation options, our team is here to tailor our services to your specific needs. Get in touch now to take the first step toward a more efficient and sustainable future with RushOwl.

RushTrail App

Get the best of both world

Time To Office
Live Tracking & ETA
Doorstep Pickup
Sharing Between Employees
Guaranteed Ride
Taxi / Ride-Hail
30 mins
< 60 mins
Public Bus / MRT
~ 90 mins