Our team

Jishreean Ramesh

Head of Fulfillment

Meet Jishreean Ramesh, the visionary Head of Fulfillment at RushOwl. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Jishreean oversees three crucial departments – Operations, Leasing, Supply, and Customer Service. Each day, he ensures that every trip meets RushOwl’s high service excellence standard, leaving no room for compromise. Jishreean’s journey with RushOwl was inspired by his own experience as someone who doesn’t drive. Thrilled by the opportunity to bridge the gaps in public transportation and create a more affordable solution for the masses, he joined the team to build an ecosystem that seamlessly connects private and public transport. His dynamic personality and unwavering determination drive him to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring that RushOwl continues to deliver unparalleled service and revolutionize the way people commute.