Our team

Kris Lee

Co-Founder & COO

Meet Kris Lee, the Co-Founder and COO of RushOwl Singapore, bringing a wealth of expertise in computer engineering and network administration to the team. Kris’s dedication and technical prowess have been instrumental in developing our cutting-edge products, making commuting a seamless experience for our users. As a true entrepreneur, Kris is also a Co-Founder of Bee Nest Property Management Pte Ltd and Beehivee. His relentless pursuit of excellence and problem-solving skills have helped overcome various challenges in the urban mobility landscape. With a strong sense of leadership and a passion for innovation. Kris plays a key role in shaping RushOwl’s vision and driving the company’s growth. His unwavering commitment to transforming urban mobility is matched only by his warm and approachable personality, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment for the team.