How does PickMe! work?

Hosting a PickMe! Ride Party

Joining a PickMe! Ride Party

How to book a ride with PickMe!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can book a ride with PickMe!

Why PickMe!

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PickMe! FAQ

‘PickMe!’ is a subscription based service that sends you from your pick-up point to drop-off point at specific timings up to 7 days a week.

Download the RushTrail app and sign up!


Build your ‘PickMe!’ Ride Party 

Build your own ‘PickMe!’ Ride Party as a host and customise it to your own preference. 


  1. Set your pick-up & drop-off points - multiple locations can be added if you are booking for your family members & friends who want to join you in your trip 
  2. Locations can be rearranged depending where you want to head to first 
  3. Select the location you want to arrive at, at a specific timing. (Eg. You and your colleagues have to arrive at the office at 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent at 9am, choose that as your priority location and 9am as the time for you to reach)
  4. Schedule your rides based on how often you have to head to your destination in a week
  5. Set your ride party to Private or Public
  6. Choose the category you want your Ride Party to fall under - Work, School, Leisure or Woman-only
  7. Set how many people you want to have on your Ride Party
  8. Check the summary page and click ‘Build Ride Party’


Join a ‘PickMe!’ Ride Party

Instead of building your own Ride Party, join existing ones to enjoy lower costs.


  1. Set your pick-up & drop-off points
  2. Filter your search based on the frequency of your rides per week & the category it falls in 
  3. Click on the Ride Party that meets your preference and request to join 
  4. Wait for the host of the Ride Party to accept your request

A ‘PickMe!’ ride can only be launched when you have reached a minimum of 4 pax in your Ride Party.

A Priority location is the location that the host chooses to arrive at at a specific time.

The Category filter sorts ‘PickMe!’ Ride Parties into School, Work, Leisure and Women-Only so that passengers are able to find a ride with a category that better fits their needs.


  • School: School bus rides with a kids friendly environment
  • Work: Home to Work, Work to Home 
  • Women-Only:  Only women will be allowed on board


A ‘PickMe!’ ride starts from as low as $7 per ride! However, this is dependent on the number of days and the number of passengers you have in your Ride Party. Head over to the RushTrail App to learn more!

You will receive an in-app notification about the acceptance.

Your ride will start the following week after your driver has been found. The day of the week is dependent on your Ride Party’s scheduled days (Eg. Daily, Alternate Days only) and the ride will start on the first day of your scheduled ride.

Once the host has successfully launched your Ride Party, your payment will be authorised. RushTrail will hold your payment but there will be no deductions until PickMe! has found a driver for your ride. If PickMe! is unable to find a driver for your ride 6 days after payment authorisation, we will release the payment held.

Ride subscriptions are billed on a biweekly basis. The second subscription will be billed one week after your first date of ride. Eg. If your first ride starts on 3rd Jan, the next payment authorisation will fall on 10th Jan. The payment will only be deducted 5 days before the next ride subscription which starts from 17th Jan to 31st Jan.

You can’t cancel your ongoing subscription once it has started. However, you can cancel your next subscription before your next subscription starts, any day during your ongoing subscription period.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a refund if you miss your ride. Please be 5 minutes early so you won’t ever miss a ride.

If you fail to authorise your payment on time before the Ride Party is launched, you will not be able to start your Ride Party.