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RushOwl Singapore has collaborated with JTC to launch the ALPS On-demand shuttle service! Enjoy fuss-free morning & evening commutes with available pick-up from Tampines MRT station. Conveniently head down to your favourite lunch spots at Loyang Point and Changi Food Village worry-free!

Operating Hours

ALPS On-demand bus operates on Mondays to Fridays (Excluding Public Holidays), during the following timings:

Morning: 7.45am to 8.20am
Lunchtime pick-up: 12.00pm - 12.10pm / 1.00pm - 1.10pm
Evening: 5.20pm to 6.00pm

Price Plan

You can now purchase tickets for our ALPS from as low as $1 per ticket. Purchase our ticket bundles to save even more!

Single Ticket


Bundle deals only!

ALPS Pick-up / Drop-off points

Tampines MRT
Loyang Point
Changi Village

How to Book

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

No matter where you are in, we solve anything on wheels!

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