Local ride sharing startup, RushOwl, ventures into after-hours transportation service for employees

Local ride sharing startup, RushOwl, ventures into after-hours transportation service for employees

As Singapore’s public bus services halt operations after-hours, local ride sharing startup RushOwl launches a service to help employers transport their employees who work late into the night.

29 June 2022 – As nightlife establishments start to pick up pace, volumes of employees have begun routinely streaming into work again. However, public transportation is no longer a viable option for many to get home. 

Beating price surges with RushOwl

As establishments like bars are often located at prime locations in Singapore, price surges for trips to residential regions are inevitable. Private hires and taxis charge as high as 50% of the total fare after 12am, taking a toll on both employees and employers. Not only that, as Singapore experiences a drop in the supply of drivers, rides are often not guaranteed leading to high cancellations. With fixed prices and timely trips, late night establishments can now rely on RushOwl to help employees working late at night reach home directly.

RushTrail’s after-hours services

RushOwl has kick started its operations serving notable nightlife establishments like Paulaner Brauhaus, whose employees benefit from the startup’s offering.

Utilising RushOwl’s smart transportation app, RushTrail, another bar that RushOwl is working with, Paulaner Brauhaus, has observed that transportation claims are now easier to manage. The app provides digital consolidation for easy reference and tracking. 

“RushOwl has helped us transport our employees home more efficiently! They also ease our transportation claims process.” said Walden, operations manager of Paulaner Brauhaus.

Future plans

Having introduced this product offering since January 2022, RushOwl has completed more than 1000 trips across the island. The startup is determined to continue serving nightlife establishments to improve the well-being of both employers and employees.

“Being a purpose-led transport startup, we want to utilise our ride-pooling technology to help employees who are travelling late at night to get home safely and swiftly, even when public transportation services are not available,” said RushOwl CEO, Shin Ng.

Moving forward, RushOwl is planning to gradually introduce electric vehicle offerings for companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

About RushOwl

RushOwl is all about future mobility. By offering on-demand region-to-region routes, we are committed to meet every commuter’s needs. As a smart mobility start-up, we take pride in RushTrail, our mobile application which utilises proprietary AI-dynamic routing algorithms. Partnering with fleet owners, smart cities and governments globally, we seek to create digitised transportation infrastructures. 

Head here to find out more about RushOwl and RushTrail: https://rushowl.app/ 

About Paulaner Brauhaus

Paulaner Brauhaus has been in Singapore for the past 25 years serving premium quality beers. Originating from Germany, this restaurant is also a microbrewery with an authentic Bavarian menu. Located in Millenia Walk, Paulaner Brauhaus is equipped with German decor that gives you an immersive dining and drinking experience.

Head here to find out more about Paulaner Brauhaus: https://www.paulaner-brauhaus-singapore.com/en/

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