RushOwl the safe carrier for women in India to commute!

RushOwl the safe carrier for women in India to commute!

RushOwl the safe carrier for women in India to commute!

Safety for women is a major cause of concern, not just for India, but for countries around the world. For a growing economy like India, where infrastructure is still developing and education is a luxury for many, women’s safety is a subject that’s mostly on the backburner.

However, in urban areas, where more women are acquiring education and working in corporate set-ups, it has become imperative for companies to ensure safety for their employees.

Companies are collaborating with transport service providers to render convenient and safe transport options for women commuters. At RushOwl, we are bringing our acclaimed last mile connectivity service to provide exclusive, next-gen mobility services to working women in India.

Why partner with RushOwl?

RushOwl faciliates more than 4000 journeys for Singaporean commuters daily in a safe manner. Now, we are bringing our innovative business model to the public of Gurgaon and adjacent areas to enjoy our personalised on-demand service.

We aim to provide you with affordable and comfortable journeys to and from work everyday. With our app, RushTrail, you can book a ride easily from the comfort of your home or workplace without having to wait outside.

RushTrail for women corporate commuters

With RushOwl operating in India, our ecosystem provides users with more comfortable and safer journeys especially for women. RushTrail is an on-demand transport mobile application that gives commuters access to a smarter and more seamless transport experience. RushTrail takes you to your destination on time without imposing any hidden charges at an affordable price.

How RushTrail Works

  • RushTrail offers a simple and clean user interface for easy booking.
  • The fares are affordable and fixed, free of surges due to rush hour and bad weather conditions.
  • RushTrail displays accurate pick-up and drop-off timing allowing time for you to prepare before boarding 
  • Real-time tracking provides assurance of punctuality

What do women in Gurgaon have to say

“With RushOwl, my journeys are now safer and more convenient. I can read peacefully while they drive me to my destination.”

Neeta from Gurgaon

"I've never felt safer while commuting in Gurgaon. Their drivers are polite and the vehicles are clean.”

Priya from Cybercity

“My family doesn’t panic as much now since RushOwl drops me to my door. As I can send them my whereabouts through the tracking feature, it is an impactful change compared to how I travelled earlier."

Prishka from Gurgaon
Head here to sign up for safe employee transportation, especially for women!
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